Social Tennis


Are you looking to join a tennis group?

We have social tennis groups every morning and weeknight as well as on weekends. Many of these social groups welcome new players into their group.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us to join a social group, all we need is:
• Your name
• Age group
• Rough idea of your standard
• The mornings and nights you are available

We can then advise you on which groups are appropriate and start you off.

Are you planning on starting a new social group?

Call or email us to let us know the days and time and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are you an existing group at our centres in need of more players?

If you are a social group looking for players we direct new players to you, please let us know what age group,gender and standard of player you are looking for and we can point them your way.

Monday Mornings Social

We have started a new adults group on Monday mornings. The morning consists of a 9:30am to 10am coaching session followed by coach supervised doubles play up until 11:30am. The group is available for men and women and we have various standards of players attending, from beginners to competition players.

Cost: $15 per person

Friday night men’s social group

See under Adults Competition Tennis for details.